Various Environmental Management Documents are required as part of an Environmental Authorisation. Umhlaba personnel are well equipped to draft site specific / purpose built and practical reports and management plans due to our extensive experience in auditing and as a result of our years of experience gained while assisting clients to implement these plans.


The various Environmental Management Documents (listed on the Service Page) are the instruction manuals to guide employees in the implementation of management actions that are required to reduce the significance of the identified impacts.  The manner in which we compile these Documents is guided by our extensive experience in other areas of Environmental Management, such as auditing the implementation of many of these Documents and monitoring (quantification of emissions).  This experience has allowed us to gain an understanding of the practicalities relating to implementation and an understanding of the severity of emissions from various sources.  This is taken into consideration when drafting the required Documents.

We believe that that the various Documents (Plans / Reports) need to be based on Objectives and / or Outcomes, rather than provide a prescriptive list of activities.  This allows flexibility in the manner in which the mines can achieve the set Objectives and / or Outcomes.  Although the layout of the various Documents is guided by various legal requirements, the Umhlaba team prides itself on our ability to compile site specific Documents that consider the impacts associated with your operation, the resources available at the mine and the existing Management Systems in place.

If our approach interests to you, we would like to be given the opportunity to discuss it in more detail so that we can demonstrate to you how we can assist.

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We specialise in compiling the following:

  • Drafting / Updating Environmental Management Program reports (EMPr)
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Financial Provision documents
    • Financial Provision Calculations
    • Annual Rehabilitation Plans
    • Closure Plans
  • Environmental Management Procedures

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