There is no doubt that mining and related industries can cause pollution. Although society does not want this pollution, we all want the products which are so much a part of our daily lives. As society has become more aware of the consequences of pollution, so South African environmental legislation has evolved. Consequently, the need for mines and related industries to identify and understand their impacts, as well as manage their pollution, has become more important. This is where Umhlaba Environmental Consulting CC strives to make a difference.

Umhlaba is an innovative, independent, experienced, environmental consulting company specialising in providing environmental management services for the mining sector and related industries. Umhlaba opened its doors in January 2004, founded by Andrew Nicholson and Lynn Jones. Since then, the company has grown in both capacity and experience and now includes a team of professional, skilled and experienced consultants and technicians.

As our expertise and experience lies mainly within the South African mining and related industries, our services include; Due diligences, various Applications (Environmental Authorisation, Prospecting, Mining, Renewals and Closures), Environmental Management Programme reports, Financial Provision, Auditing, and Monitoring to mention a few.

Umhlaba is Women Owned and Controlled Company and currently holds a Level 4 B-BBEE certification for Exempted Micro Enterprises, which gives the Company a procurement recognition level of 100%.


Umhlaba provides professional environmental consulting and management services to mining and related industries and we can assist through all phases of a mining or related project; from the inception (planning and application), throughout the life of the project, and finally during the closure.

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“There is sufficient in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed”

The wisdom of Mohandas K. Gandhi