Public participation is a widely used term that describes information sharing between an applicant and various role players commonly referred to as stakeholders or interested and affected parties (I&APs).  These role players encompass representatives and individuals from a diverse range of groups including:

  • Landowners,
  • NGO’s,
  • Decision makers on all levels of government, and
  • Any other individual, company or organisation that has a particular interest in the project.

The public participation process is predominantly carried out as part of a legal environmental authorisation process, such as; Mining and/or Prospecting Applications,  Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Basic Assessments, Waste Licences, Atmospheric Emissions Licences (AEL) and Water Use Licence (WUL).  Although the requirements for public participation processes may differ between these environmental authorisations, the fundamental principles of transparency, fairness and reasonableness are enshrined as the core values of public participation in all environmental authorisation processes.

In an attempt to reach as many people as possible, Umhlaba Environmental Consulting has created this web site as one of the ways of making documents available to I&APs.  Projects current available for review are towards the bottom of this web page, under the heading – DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC REVIEW.

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If you are accessing information from this web site we would like to request that you please do the following:

  1. Register with us as an I&AP by emailing the relevant project consultant as indicated in the documents.
  2. Comment: After reviewing the relevant document(s) please submit your comments to us in writing (as required by the Regulations).

Comments must be received within the timeline stated in the relevant document. Comment sheets will be e-mailed to you when you register as an I&AP but can also be downloaded with the documents listed under each project.

By providing us with your details you consent to us recording these details and sending you project specific communication. Please note in accordance with POPIA and NEMA, personal information is collected and processed by the applicant/EAP and shared with the Competent Authority to enable informed decision making.

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Should you contact Umhlaba and submit comments on an environmental authorisation which is being subjected to a public participation process, then it is our responsibility to;

  • Act as an independent environmental assessment practitioner (EAP),
  • Record and present all comments received and response to these comments within the documentation that forms part of the environmental authorisation submission. It is these documents that the authorities will consider to make an informed decision.

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List of acronyms:

BA – Basic Assessment
BAR – Basic Assessment Report
CA – Competent Authority
DMRE – Department of Mineral Resources and Energy
EA – Environmental Authorisation
EAP – Environmental Assessment Practitioner

EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment
EMPr – Environmental Management Program report
I&AP – Interested and Affected Parties
MPRDA – Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act
NEMA – National Environmental Management Act
RoD – Record of Decision

Queenstown Quarry (Pty) Ltd – Section 102 Application to expand the mining right area.

Queenstown Quarry located outside Komani in the Eastern Cape is an existing mining operation that is applying to include additional resources adjacent to the current mining right area. Should you have an interest in this project please refer to the documents provided at the links below and respond accordingly.


Bundu Mining (Pty) Ltd – Rietvalei Mining Right Application GP 10124 MR.

The Scoping Report has been finalised as below and submitted to the Competent Authority (CA) for consideration as of the 2nd April 2024. The CA has 43 days to review and make a decision to either accept or reject the report. If accepted, the application process will proceed to the EIA phase where further consultation will be undertaken. Any additional comments on the report at this time can be submitted directly to the CA at Please be sure to use the reference GP10124MR.


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Should you wish to register as an I&AP, please send an email with your name, contact details and interest in the project to