Andrew completed a BSC Honours degree in Biological Sciences followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Management from Leicester University, England.  Since 2002, Andrew has obtained a wealth of experience in various South African mining industries (gold, pgm, copper, chrome, diamonds, iron ore & magnetite, limestone & cement, aggregate, and surface reclamation) and in all areas of environmental management of mining operations.  His involvement with mining operations spans all areas; from planning, to compiling applications, co-ordinates or compiling the documents / plans required during the life of a mine, and assisting with closure applications.  In addition to his knowledge and experience, Andrew has an excellent relationship with a network of professionals (environmental specialists, lawyers and officials).

Andrew specifically enjoys early involvement in any potential project as it is at this stage where one can have the greatest input to avoid potential negative environmental consequences.


Lynn Jones has a B.Sc. Honours in Geology and a M.Sc. in Zoology, which has been followed by various courses, concentrating on environmental monitoring and environmental legal requirements.  Lynn has been working in the field of Environmental Consulting since 2000 and is a registered Professional Natural Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat.) in the fields of Environmental Management and Zoology.  She started her career in air quality management and dust fallout monitoring, progressing into more general consulting primarily in the mining and related industries.  Lynn’s professional career has concentrated on project management of Environmental Authorisations (EA), environmental auditing (as lead or assistant auditor), and environmental monitoring.  Her auditing experience is both legally required audits of EA and auditing as part of a SHEQ team for international companies.  In the monitoring arena, Lynn has designed and managed long-term dust fallout and water quality monitoring networks, and specialised in the interpretation of the results in order that they serve as a constructive tool for environmental management.

Lynn has a passion for making a difference and is driven by her personal goal to improve the way in which we all operate within our society regardless of the magnitude of the impact.  Every little bit counts – in the word of Mohandas K. Gandhi.  “There is sufficient in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed”.

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Greg Coates holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture and M.Sc. in Zoology from the University of KZN, starting his career in the ecotourism industry (5 years), followed by working abroad in the climate change arena.  His environmental consulting career began when he joined Umhlaba in 2013 where he has developed a skillset as a generalist consultant and is able to competently manage or collaborate on the wide variety of environmental projects including; Environmental Authorisations (EA) in terms of NEMA (EAPASA registration in process), auditing of EA (as lead or assistant auditor), and assisting with Financial Provisioning requirements and interpretation of environmental monitoring results.

Greg is dedicated to mentoring junior staff and providing input to the continued progression of the company. Since 2019 he has been based in the Durban area to concentrate on the company’s growing KZN client base.

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Mfundo Zondani has been working on the field of environmental monitoring since 2015. He started his career as an Environmental Technician with an international laboratory and joined Umhlaba in February 2018.  During his career, he has primarily been involved in the Environmental Monitoring sector for mines, power stations and pipeline depots; undertaking dust fallout monitoring, passive monitoring, leak detection and repair, water quality monitoring and installation and maintenance of Davis weather stations.  Currently he is progressing into more general consulting in the mining sector under the supervision of senior colleagues, using the skills he acquired while obtaining his National Diploma in Environmental Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Mfundo is an asset to the Umhlaba team as he has the ability to retrieve all necessary environmental data during sampling; from making crucial observations and recording site specific details, to consolidating the information with the monitoring results to generate meaningful reports.  His attention to detail, his meticulous record keeping and his ability of interpreting the results from the laboratory are what helps Umhlaba provide a professional service to their clients.